Air Jordan 4 “Zen Master” delayed release?

Air Jordan 4 “Zen Master” delayed release?

One of the most unique colorways to ever hit the Air Jordan 4 has seemingly gone quiet since Jordan Brand announced the Spring 2022 lineup. The Air Jordan 4 “Zen Master” pays tribute to the Chicago Bulls head coach Phil Jackson; who steered Michael Jordan and the rest of the Chicago Bulls to six championships in the 1990s.

First scheduled for a March 19, 2022 release, the Jordan 4 “Zen Master” is nowhere to be found currently; with no news details about possible delays or postponements. Either way, it’s going to be another highly anticipated sneaker as the Air Jordan 4 continues to be a popular choice among the current generation of sneaker heads.

The Zen Master 4s feature a canvas upper with soft tie-dye colors of Purple and Pink to achieve that gradient fade effect. Transparent support wings and heel tab provide a “crystal clear” detail; just like how Phil clears his mind with Zen philosophy.

Black tints cover the mesh netting, lining, laces, and the PU midsole. Grey completes the rubber outsole underneath.

Definitely a shoe that catches a lot of attention. With no updates about its release, stay tuned for further details regarding its official launch date soon.
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