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Air Jordan 11 Low “Pure Violet”

The Air Jordan 11 Low “Pure Violet” is exclusive for the ladies!

When talking about good casual sneakers for spring and summer, you always include the J11 Low in the conversation. This Air Jordan 11 Low “Pure Violet” does exactly just that with its soft pastel tones complementing the white nylon upper.

With the release not far from now, let’s check out the details of this women’s exclusive sneaker. A good alternate for those who don’t have plans to cop the Air Jordan 11 Low “72-10”.

Unlike the high-top Air Jordan 11s which are usually scheduled to release right around the Holiday season; Air Jordan 11 Lows release earlier during the year. Usually within an April to June time frame. This “Pure Violet” joins the 72-10 as the only Spring 2022 J11 releases.

White ballistic nylon makes up the upper; while soft violet tones cover the patent leather mudguard and semi-translucent outsole.

This is a clean and basic makeover suitable for warmer months to keep it fresh all day long!

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