Adidas Yeezy Foam Runner V2 Sample

Adidas Yeezy Foam Runner V2 Sample

It looks like the coveted clog by Yeezy is going to receive a continuation. Following the hype surrounding the first Yeezy Foam Runner, images of what appears to be a Foam Runner V2 sample floated on the internet. Whatever that is, Adidas and Kanye West are surely have something in the works just like always.

Let’s take a look at the leaked images of the possible Yeezy Foam Runner V2 while there’s no official information.

Ever since the Foam Runner came out, a lot of Adidas stans started copping the surprisingly affordable shoe. With its friendly price tag, sneakerheads and resellers alike turned this sub-100 dollar shoe to amounting over thrice its retail price.

The Adidas Yeezy Foam Runner V2 looks to do the same as hype builds up every single day. The sample of the shoe features a white colorway with various open sections just like the previous; waves on the lower panels appear in a curved motion, matching the pattern of the cut-out panels.

The bottom of the Foam Runner V2 shows a decoupled outsole with rubber pods placed on the forefoot and heel. These rubber pods feature an anatomical traction pattern similar to the vintage Feet You Wear from the 90s. An exposed midfoot area shows what seems to be the main source of cushioning.

With no confirmation about the shoe, stay tuned for more updates as Adidas continues the Yeezy momentum with multiple releases in 2022.

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